Aircraft Operating Cost Software:
Faster. Smarter. More Accessible.

The next generation of aircraft operating cost software is here. Aircraft Cost Calculator frees you from your desktop to offer a mobile solution you can access anywhere in the world. Designed for owners, operators, flight departments, financial institutions and charter operators, Aircraft Cost Calculator enables users to determine the true operating costs of the hundreds of aircraft in our database.

Web-Based Mobile Access

No more CDs! This is an intuitive web application you can access anywhere in the world from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Stunning, Custom Branded Reports

Aircraft Cost Calculator generates professional-looking reports custom-branded with your logo to share with clients and colleagues.

Fast and Powerful

You'll be able to produce the precise detailed reports you need in minutes, not hours, to make important, informed decisions about the true cost of aircraft operations.

"You have a great product. We chose your product initially based on price over your competitor Conklin and DeDecker. As it turns out, I believe that your product is far superior to theirs in every aspect."

- Scott MacDonald, Beech King Air B200 Operator

The Calculator

ACC is an intuitive global Web Application that easily allows users access to determine the actual costs of aviation - designed for private owners, commercial operators, fractional owners, flight departments, financial institutions and charter operators.

  • Fully editable pre-loaded "real world" data for over 500+ machines - piston, turboprop, jet, helicopter, & commerical in ONE application.
  • Determine operating costs based on your actual utilization levels, inclusive of charter revenue contribution.
  • Understand how financing, capital cost considerations, residual values, and lease payments affect your operating costs.
  • Piston only, Helicopter only, Turboprop & Jet subscription options available.

Create Stunning Reports

ACC can quickly and efficiently generate in-depth reports for high-level presentations - clear,concise, and graphical presentations.

  • Create custom reports with your companies branding.
  • Compare unlimited number of aircraft side-by-side.
  • See the range of aircraft overlaid on map of the world - specific to your location.
  • Select from 9 different reports that ACC generates in seconds.

"Chris was kind enough to run a sample report comparing two aircraft over a specific mission, and the results were +/-3 % of what I came up with on my own. Difference is, using ACC it literally took 10 minutes versus what would take me an hour + to do by hand. "

- Mike Palazzo, CJ3 Operator & Flight Manager

Additional Unique Features

ACC has all the data that CEOs, CFOs, and financial institutions need to know, including:

  • MACR's depreciation schedules fully editable by the user.
  • "Trip Cost Calculator" which can clearly show the cost savings associated with business aviation versus commercial travel - including the Time Value of Executives.
  • Specification sheets for all of the machines in our database, including the latest pre-owned pricing.
  • Currency Conversion & Imperial to Metric Units at the click of a button.

"We've been using ACC and couldn't be more impressed with the pre-loaded data and the presentation of the reporting. Very, very good product."

- Keith Hopkinson, John Hopkinson & Associates

User Experience

ACC's interface is incredibly simple to use and navigate.

  • Save and view all of your sessions.
  • View subscription plan and history.
  • Upload your company logo and contact information.
  • Live Chat for any questions you may need answered.

"It's with my pleasure to refer Jack Prewitt to your service, which we have found to be accurate, straightforward and of real benefit to our clients. Don’t hesitate to use my name or to have any interested broker call me. It is a very good product."

- Stephen Ramsden, President - Corporate Aviation Holdings Corp.