Cirrus Aircraft Commemorates 500 Vision Jet Deliveries With New Special Edition Model

A black-and-blue Cirrus Aircraft Special Edition Vision Jet flies above white clouds.
Buyers of the recently announced limited-production Special Edition Vision Jet from Cirrus Aircraft can choose from five exterior color options to complement the plane’s Obsidian Black and Vision Blue paint scheme. (Photo courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft.)

Cirrus Aircraft recently unveiled a limited-production Special Edition Vision Jet to commemorate 500 deliveries of its SF50 Vision Jet, introduced in 2016 as the world’s first single-engine personal jet. Buyers can choose from five external color options created to complement the plane’s base Obsidian Black and Vision Blue livery. Each Special Edition Vision Jet also features 500th Limited Edition branding and a special embroidered emblem on the crew seats’ headrests.

“With the delivery of the 500th Vision Jet, Cirrus Aircraft celebrates the marketplace success of a category-defining aircraft,” says Cirrus Aircraft CEO Zean Nielsen. “The Vision Jet is the only jet that features advanced innovations like the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, Safe Return Autoland, Wi-Fi, Cirrus IQ, and Auto Radar along with a suite of other safety, comfort, and convenience features. Cirrus Aircraft makes aviation more accessible with the G2+ Vision Jet’s best-in-class performance and low operating cost.”

The Evolution Of The Vision Jet

Cirrus introduced an upgraded Generation 2 (G2) Vision Jet in 2019 with a Perspective Touch+ Garmin flight deck with Auto Throttle, an additional 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms) of payload, and Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) certification that enables a maximum altitude of 31,000 feet (9,449 meters). In 2020, Cirrus added availability for the Safe Return auto land system based on the Garmin Auto Land system.

Cirrus released the G2+ Vision Jet a year later, complete with Gogo InFlight Wi-Fi connectivity and a 25% increase in takeoff performance. The G2+ Vision Jet also has access to 40% more airports when fully loaded on a hot day compared to previous generations, says Cirrus. This year, Cirrus introduced the Cirrus IQ mobile pilot-intelligence hub and Garmin Auto Radar, providing pilots with increased situational awareness and connectivity during all stages of pre- and in-flight activities.

Vision Jet Specs & Features

The SF50 can seat up to seven passengers and is well-suited for personal and business travel. The jet’s Williams FJ33-5A engine can run on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and enables a maximum flight range of 1,275 nautical miles (2,361 kilometers) and a cruise speed of 305 ktas. The plane’s Cirrus Perspective Touch+ by Garmin avionics suite provides pilots with two flight displays and three landscape touchscreen controllers. Cirrus provides owners with support services such as JetStream, which provides recurrent training, TAP Blue engine coverage, dedicated support, and more.

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Source: Cirrus Aircraft

Posted On: 10/25/2023 2:35:33 PM